If you are looking to improve your soccer speed and agility, I have four fantastic drills designed to enhance your change of direction, speed, and overall quickness. The best part? You can perform all of these drills with just five cones or less.

Let's start with our first drill.

Drill 1: 5-10-5


To kick things off, set the stage by placing a center cone, and flank it with two cones five yards apart on either side. Now, the work begins! Start at the center cone, sprint to one outside cone, then across to the far one, and back to the middle. The key here is to stay low, keep those knees bent, and execute quick direction changes. 

Repeat this exercise for 3 sets with 30 to 60 seconds of rest between sets.

Drill 2: T-Drill


For our second drill, grab four cones and arrange them in the shape of a tee, with each arm five yards apart. Picture yourself at the base of the tee. Now, sprint forward, then diagonally across to each corner, and finally back to the starting point. Keep it tight to the cones and focus on explosive turns. 

Repeat three times, taking a 60-second breather between sets.

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Drill 3: Shuffle-to-Sprint


Time to lay down four cones in a line, each one yard apart, and throw in a fifth cone about five to six yards away. Shuffle through the first four cones side to side and then give it your all by sprinting past the fifth cone as fast as possible. 

Jog back for recovery, rest 30 to 60 seconds, and repeat for three sets.

Drill 4: 4-Point Sprint


In our final drill, set up a 4x4 square, then place a single cone about five yards away at the top of the square. You are going to alternate sprint forward and backpedaling diagonally across the square hitting all points of the square, then break hard towards the top cone. 

Walk or jog back to recover, and repeat for three sets, resting for 60 seconds between each.

Remember, quality over quantity is the name of the game. 

Go all out with each sprint and ensure ample rest between sets. Incorporating these drills into your training routine two to three times a week can work wonders for your performance on the field. 

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