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Orlando, FL

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1-on-1 Training

Work with an Evolve Soccer Coach for a 60-minute individual soccer training session covering skills mastery, speed, fitness, and more. (Orlando, FL)

Summer Training

Evolve Summer Training

Join us for up to 4 weeks of high performance soccer training to improve every area of your game. Speed, Agility, Technical Skills, fitness, and more. (Orlando, FL)

group Classes

Youth Classes (Ages 8-11)

Level up your skills, master the fundamentals, and develop your confidence with small-group training classes with players of similar ability and experience. (Orlando, FL)

Advanced Classes (Ages 12+)

Supplement your team practices and sharpen your game with tactics, advanced skills training, speed and agility, and more, in a fun and competitive environment. (Orlando, FL)

Training Details


Lakeside Village Park: 10820 Village Lake Rd, Windermere, FL 34786


Soccer Cleats, Soccer Ball, Sneakers, Water

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Frequently Asked questions

What Can you Expect?

All our training sessions (group and/or individual) focus on topics such as: Ball control, dribbling, passing, and finishing as well as many elements of athletic performance including speed, strength, fitness, and agility.

Get the personal coaching, attention, and feedback you need to master skills quickly, while also applying those skills in game-based scenarios.

What are the qualifications of the Coaching staff?

Coach William Osorio is a licensed USSF coach with experience in youth soccer development with players of all ages. Additionally he is a former NCAA Division I soccer player who brings passion and expertise to every training session.

How long are the training sessions?

Each training session at Evolve Soccer lasts for 60 minutes. During this time, players will engage in various drills and activities focusing on skills training, speed, agility, strength, tactics, mindset, and fitness

How can you benefit from Evolve Soccer Training?

Evolve Soccer training serves as a perfect supplement to team training by focusing on enhancing individual skills and confidence. While team training typically focuses on group dynamics and strategies, our program hones in on the specific needs of each player to help them reach their full potential on the field.

Classes or Individual Training, which should I choose?

 Both are great options, but Small group classes suit players seeking skills application, speed of play,  and overall development in game-like scenarios, while individual training benefits players needing more basic skills development and focused improvement in specific areas. Contact us for any questions or guidance in your particular case.

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